The Past Of Tomorrow

In January 2012 I first latched onto my journey into the intensive tornado of madness, Poetry, Art and discovery. I’ve learnt copious lessons observed from daily life or different labyrinth-like levels of mentality. My own conclusions burst to be disguised in fiction, metaphor and rhyme.

I’ve worked on Short films, spoken word videos, spontaneous gigs,
an EP titled ‘Words Aloud’ and my ambitious independent poetry collections
‘Oceans Of Ink’, ‘Trapped In Words’, ‘Hush Your Gums’ and ‘The Monday Haikus’

With many more projects in the pipeline I’m the readiest I’ll ever be for representation.

My influences come from all kinds of wonderful artists, tribes, individuals and poets combined.
Allen Ginsberg, Alan Watts, Charles Bukowski, Jim Carroll, Jack Kerouac, Yates, Phil Kaye, Sarah Kay, John Cooper Clarke, Kate Tempest, Jim Morrison, Enter Shikari, The King Blues, Professor Green, Pink Floyd, The Front Bottoms, Asking Alexandria, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Banksy, Eminem, Hollywood Undead and an ever growing list of movies about writers or writing.

Photo of Sheldon Sinnamon courtesy of Joe Goodall