On The Edge

The rocks in the waves beneath my feet,
created discomfort with the way I breathed.
Bad thoughts rushed inside my brain,
convincing myself I was insane.

The moonlight shined right at my face,
the bottomless ocean reflected my disgrace.
I kicked a stone over the edge watching it fall,
believing I was to follow.

There was no turning back now
nothing could take away suffering and sorrow.
So before our sun could bring tomorrow,
where people would be around,
I needed to disappear without a sound.
I wanted no attention, no reaction.
Forgotten about like an old man’s pension.

Before I fell,
I said to myself:

“Let this be
the last time I see
green grass
flowers and trees

before I fall
into the sea
let this be…

The last painful breath I breathe”

(Featured in Oceans Of Ink with part’s 2 and 3)