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“Sheldon’s poems of life, love and insecurities only secure his reputation as a great poet. Once read you’ll either retain the memory of his work forever more or return often to feel, you’re not alone”

– Badbelly, Poet/Rapper

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“An interesting journey into the human psyche”

– Martin Miller

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“Sheldon writes brilliantly from a personal perspective about everyday events and emotions that pop up in all of our heads…Dip into his work you wont be disappointed”

– Paul Boddy Lecturer/Music Producer

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“Loved your work! you’re obviously something of a wordsmith”

– Word On The Curb

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“Full of emotion” – Lauren Vasic 

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“King Of Clowns is a glowing example of the wealth of talent currently making waves in the poetry scene today”

– Terry BlackJaz Muller

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