Embrace is about being a soldier, pushing against depression and daily suicidal thoughts that crumble creative minds and vulnerable people.

Daily Routine

Daily Routine is about the daily droll of life in darkness and depressive solitude.

Black Widow

Black Widow is about a spidery woman that would claim you her victim if you do or say the wrong things. Or date her daughter.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself is a piece featuring a female vocalist on the hypocrisy of the world and how you’re boxed into someone you don’t want to be.


Prison is a drastically personal poem about trying to save my mother from herself. From her verbal attacks, money problems, health issues, suicidal tendencies and gaslighting. I’ve stuck by caring for her from thirteen to twenty seven years old, is it time for me to live my life yet?

  First Kiss

First Kiss is a meet cute poem with a sudden reality slap.

My Abyss

My Abyss is a short poem about daily struggle in poverty after an injury at work, depression, anxiety then joining benefits all while caring for my mother.

 Poisoned Minds

Poisoned Minds was inspired by all the artistic potential lost by individuals from addictions clinging onto them like rolling contracts.

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel is a short poem about three strangers that are the most unlikeliest bunch to be put together, yet they help each other soar.

Box Of Butterflies

Box Of Butterflies is a poem about a fragile break-up and even though the scars run deep I’m still hopeful for butterflies of love to return.

A Media’s Deceit

A Media’s Deceit is a poem demolishing “the perfect woman” image set by Newspapers, Magazines, Modelling, News stations, ridiculous dating shows and to stop any self-abuse if you’re on the trail of bad mental health.

Directors Cut

Directors Cut is a genre poem about living in Poverty and wanting out. A fresher, healthier, happier lifestyle awaits but I can never quite get chosen.

Eternal Bruising

Eternal Bruising despite the terrible green screen work has a very dark message behind it. It is based upon abuse I had that ruined my childhood.


Cascade is a fantasy poem about finding a dreamy connection with someone in a moment that can never reoccur.

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