The Perfect Loss

I went to introduce.

 I failed to continue…

I disappeared inside her sharp cold crystal eyes.
 Where my mind whispered our lives.
 How she and me were meant to be,
 but she would hurt and make me bleed.

I would fall and scrape my knee;
 she would help me up,
showing me her version of
 the birds and the bees.

In graphic detail…

We’d take long windy walks;
throw stones off the beach,
 stare at the stars and kiss each other’s cheeks.
 Go to gigs and celebrate monthly anniversaries,
 not to mention romantic holidays.
 Meet each other’s friends and family.
 Look after each other’s feelings 
 like it was the first day training in health and safety.

I would get jealous.
 She would get mad.
 I would write about her.
 She would be the best,

I’ll never have.

– Featured in Oceans Of Ink