Here is a collaborated project by King Of Clowns and producer Michael Edgeson.

  1. Stepping Stones
  2. Words Aloud
  3. Eternal Bruising
  4. P45

Track by track breakdown

Stepping Stones

Is a positive, snappy song with a strong inspiring chorus. Stepping Stones talks about the beginning of writing and losing friends with similar dreams giving up. Then at college finding Poetry and more like-minded individuals that gave me the spark once again to continue.

Words Aloud 

Words aloud is a song that I vent freely on all the demons in my head and my atrocious past involving alcohol, women, money, touching on my abusive relationships and depression. It was a difficult song to write yet is still a fight to get better. giving back all the punches that life is forcing down my throat.

Eternal bruising:

This is a dark spoken word track about my main abusive relationship. Even though I escaped that one, it still haunts me after many years and I’ve been susceptible to abuse ever since.


P45 is a sarcastic and uplifting track showing a fun side of drinking and wanting to experience excitement with friends after finishing work. I even kept unscripted takes and laughing outtakes in the song.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 04.26.53

Other instrumentals I’ve worked on and projects in the making https://soundcloud.com/kingofclowns/sets/instrumentals

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