Here is the work of King Of Clowns and producer Michael Edgeson.

  1. Stepping Stones
  2. Words Aloud
  3. Eternal Bruising
  4. P45

Track by track breakdown.

1.Stepping Stones:

Is a positive, snappy song with a strong inspiring chorus. The track talks about the beginning of writing and losing friends with similar dreams. Then at college finding poetry and more like-minded individuals.

2. Words Aloud 

Words aloud is a song that Sheldon vents freely about all the demons in his head and his difficult past involving alcohol, women, money, touching on his abusive relationships and depression. It is a difficult song, with some dark lyrics the song is still a fight to get better. Taking all the punches that life is giving.

3. Eternal bruising:

This is a dark spoken word track about an abusive relationship. Even though he escaped it, it still haunts him after many years. So he wrote it to get it off his chest and show listeners with similar situations they’re not alone.

4. P45 

P45 is an uplifting track. Showing the fun side of drinking and wanting to have a good time with friends after finishing work. They even keep it realistic with the outtakes still in the song with genuine laughs and fooling around on the mic during the recording. Which is a fantastic choice to finish the EP with, leaving on a high note.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 04.26.53


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